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3RP Solutions
Scottsdale, AZ


  • Website assessment
  • Website optimization (performance, SEO, user interface)
  • On and off-page Search Engine Optimization

Scope of Work

3RP Solutions is a leading Oracle implementation partner serving the southeastern United States. The client had invested a lot of money into a new website only to have it degrade in both page load and search engine placement performance. One 8 & Company was engaged to apply corrections to the site and perform a 12 month SEO improvement program.


This project began with an in depth technical assessment of the existing website. We studied page performance, performed keyword and keyphrase analysis, and assessed current page rank performance. We proposed a multi-prong approach that included a website code review and correction as well as a 12-month on and off page SEO improvement campaign.

  • Website assessment and improvement
  • Website hosting change
  • On page and off page search engine optimization


On page SEO work normally takes upwards of six month or more to take effect, but 3RP began to see measurable results in only three months. From that point until the end of our contract, 3RP’s organic search results improved from an average 10th – 15th page to page one on all key search terms. Further, the website’s performance improvement was notable as the optimization work and relocation to a dedicated hosting server were executed.

  • Increased sales
  • Reduced overall advertising costs
  • Integrated website and social media
  • Another happy customer!


You may think you’ve got your digital presence covered, but only a professional will be able to assess your current state and tell you what you’re missing. In this case, a dated but passable website was not properly secured and was unlisted on any search engines, so nobody could find the site. In this customer’s case, and in most of them, they recovered their investment in the website with the first piece of additional business booked, a great success story!

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