Who We Are

Headquartered on Long Island, New York, One 8 & Company has been serving small and mid sized companies since 2011. One 8 and Company offers concierge level advisory services for small and mid sized businesses. We focus on positively impacting your business performance through integrated technologies, helping you move from less efficient manual processes to modern, technology-centric solutions. We work with a variety of international and domestic partners to ensure your solution is a perfect match to your needs.

What We Do

We are a Professional Services Advisory Firm. Our core practices include Digital Transformation, Business Modernization, Digital Marketing (Web Development, Social Media Management, PPC, SEO, etc…), and Advisory Services. Our clients range from Mom and Pop establishments to multi million dollar firms. We design, build and execute integrated digital business strategies for single or short term use right through comprehensive, long-term strategies for companies looking to grow and improve their business through digital innovation.

Why Clients Love Us

Our platform agnostic approach and boutique size allow us to offer personalized service using local staff and our partner network to deliver world class solutions while keeping costs affordable. We work with you to develop and execute a digital strategy designed to drive business, improve efficiency, and lower costs.


Why you should work with One 8 & Company

  • Tier 1 Professional Services Firm experience without the inflated rates and restrictive selection requirements used by Tier 1 firms
  • Strategies and approaches used by the Fortune 500 scaled to small and mid-sized businesses
  • Extensive experience helping many Fortune 500 firms through Digital, IT and Business Transformation initiatives
  • Concierge level service with boutique rate structure
  • PMI, Six Sigma, CMMI, ITIL and other industry experience and certifications
  • Built our proprietary frameworks and methodologies using this combination of knowledge and experience, customized to your needs
  • Platform agnostic, so our recommendations are based purely on need and what fits our clients’ organizations best
  • One 8 & Company’s “No BS” guarantee. We don’t pull punches and tell it like it is. Guaranteed.

Join a Winning Team!

We’re always looking for smart, capable people to come and join our company. If you think you have what it takes, and want to join us, send us your resume. We’ll take a look and let you know if we see a fit.

We Are One 8 & Company

We Are Experienced

For more than 70 collective years we have worked with Fortune 500 companies helping them reach their goals by building executable transformation strategies. We are alumni of business advisory giants including PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, and Deloitte. Now we are bringing our knowledge, experience, and the same successful strategies used in the Fortune 500 to the small and mid-sized business (SMB) market.

We Are Focused

The playing field is forever changed. Today, digital proficiency is a requirement for successful customer engagement and sustained growth. But starting a transformation project is difficult and time consuming under the best conditions, and risky and costly when done wrong. We have developed a digital business readiness assessment that helps small and mid-sized business leaders understand their organization’s preparedness for digital business transformation.

Our “No BS” Guarantee*

When you choose to work with One 8 & Company, you’re choosing a no-nonsense, straight shooting business partner. We’re not here to make you feel good and tell you what you want to hear to win a deal. We’re here to help, and we promise to tell it like it is. This is our guarantee: No BS. Period.

A note about our “No BS” guarantee

We talk a lot about our No BS Guarantee here at One 8 & Company. It only seems fair that we call ourselves out.

Not one single photo used on our website is actually of us. They are all licensed stock photography designed to make us appear better looking with cooler office space than we actually have.

But while those models have good looks and great teeth, we have deep knowledge of the small and mid sized business market and understanding of the ins and outs of successful business transformation.

Just being honest.