Here’s a great way to get your foot in the door. One 8 & Company is currently seeking consulting interns to join our team. As an intern, you will work with our leadership and consulting teams to help define, sell, and deliver high value professional services. Every internship carries with it the possibility of full time employment, and you’ll be working with seasoned professionals who want to help you learn and grow.


We hire highly capable people who fit our culture. We’re not too worried about your education and prior experience for this role, but you’ll have a better chance if you’re a college graduate. The most important piece here is that you are bright, energetic, and willing to work. (Hint: your cover letter will be really important here. Let us know why we should bring you in and what makes you special.)

All that said, if you’re bringing specific knowledge and experience in digital transformation, IT, operations, proposal development, and management consulting, all the better. Highlight that stuff in your cover letter as well!


Interns are asked to do a lot. While you may be asked to make a run to Jersey Mike’s once in a while, we really want you to work side by side with us, learning what we do and how we do it, so you can earn a spot on our team. Think of it as a long term interview or tryout.

About One 8 & Company

One 8 & Company is a boutique professional services firm headquartered on Long Island, NY. We work with small and mid-sized companies (generally in the $10 – $250 million range) helping them improve their businesses with a focus on digital transformation and transformation readiness. We are small and lean, take our jobs seriously, but insist on having fun and a life. We work to live. We don’t live to work.

Good luck!